Lisa Granger, Owner/Chef

Wild Greens Catering  is owned by Lisa Granger who has a passion for organic, healthy eating and contributing to a sustainable environment.

As former Chef/Co-Owner of Zed and The Fat Goat, chef Lisa Granger brings her experience, passion and excitement of locally grown, seasonal foods to Wild Greens.  Lisa’s first educational experience and immersion as a chef was with the professional, international chefs at Dean and Deluca in Charlotte, NC and later in Washington, DC. While there, Lisa remembers her passion for bold exciting Mediterranean flavors blossoming and her passion was kindled for high quality, organic foods rich in nutrients, vitamins and natural, organic, delicious flavors.

Lisa knows that the presentation of the food is just as important as the selection, preparation, and finishing of each and every dish. Her experience with Dean and Deluca introduced her to both aspects of upscale catering and a truly memorable dining experience.

She then moved on to own and operate Zed Café, later renamed The Fat Goat in historic downtown Richmond. At her trendy restaurant, Lisa’s passion for nutrient rich, organic and flavorful food was continually reflected in every dish, from the breathtaking presentation to the last savory bite. Lisa’s passion for only the finest food fueled her desire to establish a local catering business. Her dream came true when Wild Greens Catering opened its doors for upscale catering and delivery of incredible cuisine for weddings, corporate events, and private parties.

As owner and Professional Chef for Wild Greens, Lisa creates exquisite, organic cuisine for weddings, holidays, and other special events. She focuses on creative, one-of-a-kind menus and dishes that reflect the nature and personality of each event. She specializes in the unique ability to create savory, fragrant dishes by combining unlikely foods and infusing them with fresh herbs, spices, and other ingredients that tantalize and surprise.

In preparation for catering and other events, she shops and selects the freshest fruits and most delicious vegetables grown in the local area, ensuring there are no pesticides or GMO’s used in the process. Local farmer’s markets, independent farmers, and natural grocery markets focused on wholesome, healthy food make her job fun — and your food incredibly delicious and healthy. Lisa only engages the finest local artisans and chefs in the industry to ensure every client receives the ultimate in their catering experience.

Lisa believes that when you enjoy cuisine prepared from only the freshest and highest quality ingredients — made by people who are passionate about food  — you will truly begin to experience one of the greatest joys and pleasures of life – food!

My fondest memories are meals with my grandmother. She cooked with fresh fruits and vegetables grown in her yard or brought over by a neighbor. Every dish was cooked from scratch with care given to enhance the individual quality of each ingredient through the unusual combination of foods and the perfect complement of fresh herbs and spices. My grandmother’s love for food and the people she cooked for is forever etched in my mind. It’s the feeling I hope to deliver with every dish I prepare.”