Cake Tonight & Pie Too

Have you ever wished you could have a delicious ‘cake tonight’ – one that tastes rich and delicious just like it was created by a pastry chef?

Well, now you can have “Cake Tonight & Pie Too”.

Wild Greens Catering has created a unique experience for customers who wish they could create their own delicious, decadent, and rich cake right at home – but just don’t have the time or baking expertise.

Still wondering how this is possible? 

The Wild Greens pastry chef, along with the owner of Wild Greens Catering, spends hours each day creating rich, moist, delicious cakes in their kitchen. They also create fabulous icing and garnishes that give the cake a professional appearance and rich flavor. You simply order your cake of choice (or pie) and have it tonight!

Order a fully assembled cake and pick it up. Or, you have other options.

You can now order a cake prepared by our pastry chefs and have it delivered right to your door. You’ll receive a professional pastry box that contains:

  • moist delicious cake layers of your choice
  • containers of rich, creamy icing that you can use to frost your cake whenever you’re ready (and there will be plenty to spread around!)
  • garnishes like crunchy, salted peanuts; fresh toasted coconut; candied walnuts, or other toppings that perfectly complement the flavors of your cake
  • an offset spatula to make icing your cake a cinch – just like a professional!

All you have to do is ice the cake!

And if you’re not quite ready to ice and serve, you can freeze the cakes for use at a later time. The frosting and garnishes will keep in the refrigerator for up to two weeks too. This makes it easy to plan a special dessert anytime of the week. And they’ll think you spent hours creating this incredible dessert!

This is the perfect option when you want to create a special birthday cake too. Wild Greens Catering provides two moist vanilla cake layers with containers of your choice of buttercream icing. You can add your own candles and decorations!

And if you prefer a pie – you’ll love the Wild Greens fresh, delicious pies too. All crusts are made from scratch right in our kitchen. We use only the freshest ingredients for pies bursting with flavor.

Click here to access our menu of cakes and pies. Then give us a call to discuss your needs and we’ll have you eating “Cake Tonight (& Pie Too)!” in no time.

Cakes are prepared fresh daily for pick-up at our Quiocassin Road Kitchen.
Cakes may be purchased for delivery through RELAY Foods.
Dessert orders require 48 hour notice on special order cakes and pies.
Pies are available for pick-up at our Quiocassin Road Kitchen or through RELAY Foods (all pies are completed assembled and cooked – suitable for freezing if you’re planning ahead).