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Welcome to our Wild Greens Sustainable Event Planning and Sustainable Living blog, where you’ll find lots of helpful information and tips on living a sustainable life. We believe that only the freshest, healthiest, and cleanest ingredients should be used in catering and food preparation. That’s why we scour resources for valuable information to help everyone live a healthier, longer life. Visit us often to learn more and find out what’s happening in the world of sustainable living.

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Eating Clean Food: What is It?

What does ‘clean eating’ really mean? Washing your food before preparing it to eat? Washing your hands before eating?

Of course both of these things are important. But ‘clean food’ means eating foods that are produced naturally, without pesticides, GMOs and other man-made interference. It’s about eating foods created by nature and avoiding processed foods that come from boxes. Foods with more than five ingredients are suspect when it comes to ‘natural foods’, and if you can’t pronounce the ingredients, it is probably not on the ‘clean food list’.

Clean eating also means healthy cooking techniques like broiling, roasting and baking instead of deep-frying. Eating clean is a way of living that involves paying attention to how foods are produced, harvested, and brought to market. When you learn to eat ‘clean food’, you’ll will experience natural flavors that you never noticed before.

‘Eating clean’ is one of the simplest and most effective ways to manage health and weight too — because you only eat what’s good for you. Of course, that also means portion control. The best way to take advantage of ‘eating clean’ is to focus on fresh, healthy foods, eat 3 meals a day, and include 2 healthy snacks each day to avoid an energy slump, or becoming too hungry before your next meal.

And don’t be fooled – you are not supposed to feel “full” all day long – once you learn to eat ‘clean food’ and adhere to a lifestyle of healthier eating — you’ll see how much enjoyment you get out of every day.

Welcome to Wild Greens Catering where ‘clean food’ is our way of life!